AzPlay (Bilbao)
Date: 29 Nov - 3 Dec 2017
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Official website

The International Festival of Independent Games AzPlay, a not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

More than 40,000 people have attended this festival. More than 220.000 euros in prizes. More than 750 projects from five continents have been presented.

Below you will find some games from the 2016 and 2017 editions.
Platform , Strategy/RTS
2nd Studio - Denmark

KnightOut is a build and brawl game for 1 - 4 players.

Coming to Windows and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2018. 

Play with or against your friends in a frantic battle.

Build a castle and brawl with cannons, swords, and ballistas.

Each game starts with both teams building a castle outfitted with cannons. Then, all hell breaks loose! Cannon balls fly, stone walls crumble, and your knight takes to the turf, slashing his sword. Once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s base and killed the king inside, you win!

KnightOut will get you on the edge of the seat as you battle your best friend. How will you bring your soon to be ex friend to his/her knees? Use your strategic overview as you build your castle, or master the sword and take him/her out in close combat. Only one can be jumping in the couch spilling beverage in celebration. Will it be you?

Don’t have any friends? Don’t worry, KnightOut is for everybody also the lone wolf. In arcade mode you defend your castle against waves of enemies all by yourself.

PC, Nintendo
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